Children’s Christmas Book Benefits Leukemia Patient

Nov. 15, 2013

Liberty Mountain Publishing, Liberty University’s newest book-publishing entity, released its first book this week, “Claire and Anna: The Live Nativity,” by Jonathan Parker. The rhyming children’s book offers a Christmas-themed story; 28 pages of detailed, full-color illustrations; and a cause: the proceeds benefit the author’s niece, Claire Elliot Parker. Claire is a 1-year old who was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive form of leukemia in July.

“My family has watched my 1-year-old niece, Claire, bravely battle leukemia. Her fight should have ended several times during this difficult stretch, but our merciful God carried her through,” Parker explained of his inspiration for the book. “In the midst of this storm, Claire has preached hope without uttering a word. Her little life is an inspiring testimony. It is my desire to share the great hope of Christ and the Christmas story through ‘Claire and Anna: The Live Nativity.’”

Geared toward toddlers and early readers, the uplifting story follows two elementary school-aged girls, Claire and Anna, characters based on Parker’s daughter and niece.

The girls visit their church’s live Nativity scene to celebrate Christmas. At the event they discover that the baby Jesus doll used in their church’s Nativity scene is missing. In the story Claire and Anna search their church for the missing doll, and eventually learn that Jesus is not just part of a Nativity, he is a part of their everyday lives.

Claire’s story has struck a chord within the Virginia community, and hundreds of presale orders for “Claire and Anna: The Live Nativity” have been made to support her battle against leukemia. Her treatment is ongoing through Duke University Medical Center.

The book is available online through Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Liberty Mountain Publishing focuses on Christian-living publications, such as novels, inspirational books, and children’s books.

About the Author
Jonathan Parker and his wife, Becky, live in Hurt, Va., with their 10-month-old daughter, Anna. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies from Liberty University.

About the Illustrator
Originally from Massachusetts, Rachel Dugan is an illustrator and graphic designer who lives with her husband, Juan, in Lynchburg, Va.