Liberty Mountain Publishing Releases First e-book, ‘Getting to Gold’

Liberty Mountain Publishing recently released its first e-book, “Getting to Gold” by Heather Bradley. Offered exclusively in e-book format, “Getting to Gold” is a “grown-up parable.” It’s a reimagined allegory of well-known Bible stories such as the creation of man, the entrance of evil into the world, and God’s plan of redemption for mankind. “Getting to Gold” is available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

“When Jesus used parables, He explained deep theological ideas with simple, easy-to-understand, relatable stories,” said Bradley about her choice to write an allegorical book.
“The great thing about allegory is that the emphasis is on the big idea. Not every detail is meant to correlate directly to the biblical accounts. It’s another way to look at aspects of the story one may never have considered before.”

With the understanding that familiarity can often breed boredom or even apathy, Bradley seeks to place the “well-worn image” of God against a fresh background by talking about “the face and hands and heart we know so well.” in a different way.

“Hints are given so that the reader can figure out the meaning of the story and infer the implications. When readers have been actively involved in putting the pieces together, they have a deeper connection to the story, as well as to the greater ‘Story’ it reflects.”

“Getting to Gold” seeks to impact an adult audience with a gentle introduction to the Gospel story. Hopefully, it will also revitalize the reality of redemption for those who have already experienced God’s love.

“I hope that it will help believers who have grown so accustomed to the message of the Gospel to see it with fresh eyes,” Bradley said, “I also hope it will give them a tool to use as they explain the depth of God’s genius and His love to their unbelieving friends.”