Book Sparks Conversation Between Parents and Children

April 27, 2015 

A new children’s book from Liberty Mountain Publishing tackles a subject familiar to parents everywhere: wants versus needs. Author Daniel Price’s own daughter, Rachel, was the inspiration for “Hugs and Kisses are Free” and its lead character shares her name.

“The goal of this book is simple,” Price said. “I am trying to help parents and children have a conversation about this important subject. If a child does not learn how to distinguish between wants and needs at a young age, it can overwhelm them in the future.” 

He believes this is especially true in a culture that often emphasizes the accumulation of goods as evidence of success.

In “Hugs and Kisses are Free,” Rachel travels to many different stores with her mother. At each stop, Rachel finds something she would like to have and her mother gently explains to her why those items are not important. By the end, Rachel understands and agrees that hugs and kisses are truly valuable.

“Hugs and Kisses are Free” is available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble. It is the first in a children’s book series by Price. 

“This series will address subjects which can be hard to discuss. I attempt to write a story that kids will find fun and entertaining, but that also encourages adults to broach these topics,” Price said.


About the Author 

Daniel Price is the father of four children. He currently works at Liberty University and teaches statistics through Liberty online program. He has worked with children in a variety of roles including soccer and basketball coach, and Sunday School teacher.