Soldier's Story of Faith and Forgiveness in a War Zone Released 

Nov. 11, 2015

In telling the story of his tours in Iraq and Afghanistan in the wake of September 11, Christian educator turned soldier Sgt. 1st Class Brian D. Moore shows how his experience shaped his relationship with God and his fellow men. His account, “Purple Hearts and Wounded Spirits,” is now available from Liberty Mountain Publishing. 

From his first step into a battle-zone in the Middle East, it became clear to Moore that his expectations of Iraq, its people, and war in general would be challenged. From occupying one of Saddam Hussein's former palaces along the Tigris River to trekking through the Himalayan Mountains during a tour in Afghanistan, Moore details his wartime experiences with honesty, directness, and grit. “Purple Hearts & Wounded Spirits” reminds readers what it means to be a witness for Christ — even to one's enemies.

“This book is everyman’s story,” Moore said. “We all journey through life having to do battle with an enemy that is both physical and spiritual. Through God’s grace and mercy, we shall come to the end of our journey stronger and wiser for having the courage to follow His path wherever it may lead.”

The book follows Moore as he comes to terms with hatred, guilt, pain, and, ultimately, forgiveness. His journey is inspiring and challenging, revealing the spiritual issues involved in war and how to overcome them.

“This is not a book about war just for veterans,” Moore said. “Anyone can read it and develop a greater understanding and appreciation for the trials, honor, and heartache that comes with service to our country and our God.”

In the book’s foreword, former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee calls Moore’s story a “powerful narrative of the kind of heroism that makes America the greatest nation on earth.”

“Purple Hearts and Wounded Spirits” is available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. A portion of sales from this book will go toward charitable organizations supporting veterans.


About the Author

Sgt. 1st Class Brian D. Moore served three tours in Iraq and Afghanistan within a five-year period. Before deployment, he taught as an adjunct professor at Hesser College in Manchester, N.H. During his active duty service, Moore received a Purple Heart, Bronze Star, and two Army Commendation medals. He currently maintains a small family farm in Appomattox County, Va.